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WWE NXT big picture decisions now made by Vince McMahon-led group


In this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer provided some additional details on the rebranding and continuing changes within WWE NXT.

The majority of the big picture decision-making process is outside of "the NXT circle" such as marketing, promotion and the direction of the brand itself with Vince McMahon, Nick Khan, John Laurinaitis, Kevin Dunn and Bruce Prichard being part of that group. A recent example of their input was the new logo.

"In the end, McMahon is always in charge of everything, but there have been, and will be, more big picture decisions on the NXT brand whether it be creative or marketing or branding coming from the major company players," he wrote.

The changes are being spurred by the performance of NXT on USA, given that their numbers are still down most weeks from a year ago when Raw, SmackDown and AEW programming are all up. That is why the look of the show will change given other WWE and AEW programming has the benefit of large arenas and fans in attendance, leading to a better aesthetic.

Meltzer said he doesn't expect the group to be involved in weekly booking, "but will have more influence on whoever they want pushed or protected (to) get pushed and protected, and they, like with the last round (of cuts), will make cuts to who they want to make cuts from."

Meltzer said a recent story on this website about McMahon and Prichard directly producing the show was incorrect as they don't have the time to do it, explained in a meeting with both talent and staff. He also said that both talent and non-talent who should know about decisions noted that they are likely to be the last ones to know anything about what is happening.

As far as if the changes will mean anything, there's a long way to go to know that.

"The fact is when it comes to success in wrestling, it is always determined by numbers and the numbers will tell you the ideas that are and aren’t working. For NXT, there is a dual purpose which is drawing healthy numbers and also creating new stars for the main roster," Meltzer wrote. "I think the thing we’ve learned from a WWE fanbase is that it’s the look and atmosphere of the show, not the booking, (that matters) which is very different from most generations where it was more the storylines that made the difference."