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Dave Meltzer &'s Richard Deitsch talk the business of pro wrestling

SI Media Circus

One of my favorite regular podcast listens is from Sports Illustrated media reporter, journalist, and wrestling fan Richard Deitsch. Every week, he chats with media people from all walks of sporting life and recently had a really entertaining chat with the one and only Paul Heyman.

That's why I was intrigued to hear that our very own Dave Meltzer was going to be on this week's edition of the SI Media Circus Podcast, available below:

For regular listeners of Wrestling Observer Radio and fans of this here website, a lot of what you'll hear won't be new information. But, it's fun hearing Dave in a different environment with a different voice asking him questions, and after listening today, I'd recommend it. 

On the docket between these two titans of industry:

- The history of Dave's writing for the Observer and how he got into wrestling journalism. He goes into the reaction he got in the early days and how things changed when they got covered in a journalistic sense.

- Does Dave still get excited about wrestling content these days?

- How forthcoming are wrestlers and management with information? How often do they contact Dave?

- Some history about the transition from kayfabe to real when it came to discussing the industry, and the differences between Verne Gagne and Vince McMahon in that respect.

- His thoughts on Vince McMahon as a promoter then and now, and how Stephanie and Shane fit into today's landscape and future.

- What Dave thinks about the brand split thus far and the planning that went into it.

- Dave's thoughts on ESPN covering wrestling

- Dave's thoughts on the amount of wrestling podcasts out there

- How he approaches covering wrestling to MMA...and more!