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Further details on Scott Hall's broken hip, pandemic isolation issues emerge

Sean "X-Pac" Waltman talked to Dave Meltzer about Hall's recent health problems.
Scott Hall

In an interview with Dave Meltzer for this week's Scott Hall obituary/biography in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Sean "X-Pac" Waltman revealed that Hall was on the floor for several days with a broken hip until "Diamond" Dallas Page went to his house.

Hall passed away Monday at 63 years old after suffering three heart attacks last Saturday as a result of a blood clot that developed following surgery for the aforementioned hip.

Waltman told Meltzer that Hall fell at home and was unable to move, nor get to a phone to call for help. Several days later, friends asked Page to check on Hall as they couldn't get in touch with him which resulted in Page then finding him and getting him to the hospital.

Waltman also said that Hall's condition had deteriorated badly due to drinking brought on by two years of pandemic-related isolation.

“The pandemic did him in,” said Waltman. “It was hard enough for him as it was, but he was isolated in his house with no social interaction. He was down to 210 pounds. We called Dally (Dallas Page) and he went over. It was really bad."

Waltman said in February, he offered to stay with Hall because of his worsening condition.

Meltzer reported that Hall had been in rough shape the night before last year's nWo Hall of Fame induction at WrestleMania 37 as he had passed out in the bar the night before. 

"While the story the public thought was that he had horrible drinking issues, but through working with Page, he had licked it and turned things around. And according to Waltman, there were times that was at least close to being the case. But things got really bad over the last two years," Meltzer wrote.

In talking about Hall, Waltman also told a story of how Hall tutored wrestlers he saw a future in on how to go above and beyond in interacting with fans. One of those fans was current AEW roster member Powerhouse Hobbs.

Subscribers can now read the entire bio with more quotes from Waltman on the influence Hall had on the industry.