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GCW's Brett Lauderdale advised not to comment on fake COVID-19 test allegations

GCW talent came to Lauderdale's defense on Twitter Wednesday.

GCW founder Brett Lauderdale commented on allegations made Wednesday that he and his company purchased fake COVID-19 tests for talent.

The comment? No comment.

In a brief statement to Fightful, Lauderdale said, "I've referred this matter to my lawyer and as much as I'd like to comment, I've been advised not to."

FIST Wrestling owner Mikey Gordon (aka "Dirty" Ron McDonald) took to a Facebook group Wednesday to make the claims against Lauderdale which can be seen below in a Twitter image complication:

Gordon took umbrage with how much Lauderdale is paying GCW talent, his friendship and management of promotional star Nick Gage, and took credit for several shows GCW ran in California that he allegedly covered costs for.

He also asked why Atticus Cogar and Mike Gevorgian no longer work with GCW as proof of his claims. Cogar split with GCW earlier this year.

"Who did Brett ever make famous? Joey "I'm a (expletive)" Janela? Joey got famous for being tossed off a building and got a contract. Once AEW realized he had no talent, they benched and eventually didn't resign him. Why? Because he's a (expletive) unsafe (expletive) who can't light a limb on (fire)."

Janela didn't take the comments lightly.

It's unclear why or what sparked Gordon's comments.

GCW regular Tony Deppen took to Twitter to defend Lauderdale and the company's practices.

Jordan Oliver also supported GCW.

GCW returns this Saturday on pay-per-view in Las Vegas.