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Joey Janela requires help after flaming superkick at GCW Maniac

"The Bad Boy" couldn't get a fire on his right foot to go out Saturday.

Joey Janela needed immediate assistance after setting his right foot on fire for a flaming superkick spot Saturday at GCW Maniac.

Janela was wrestling Drew Parker in the night's main event and doused his boot with lighter fluid, setting it on fire. However, after the spot, the fire wouldn't go out. Several water bottles were thrown into the ring to help out as Janela worked feverishly to get the boot off as the flame kept going.

Eventually, the water and a towel put out the flame with Janela limping around the ring and continuing shortly thereafter. Parker later won after hitting a swanton bomb off a ladder as Janela was covered by a door adorned with barbed wire.

Janela joked about the spot on Twitter afterward and appears to be fine. 

Here's the full results from the show:

  • Blake Christian defeated Kevin Blackwood
  • Tony Deppen defeated Titus Alexander
  • "Speedball" Mike Bailey defeated Masha Slamovich
  • GCW Extreme Champion AJ Gray defeated Starboy Charlie, Jack Cartwheel, Cole Radrick, Ninja Mack and Jimmy Lloyd in a six-way scramble title match
  • Jordan Oliver defeated Biff Busick
  • Dark Sheik defeated LuFisto
  • Bandido defeated Nick Wayne
  • GCW Tag Team Champions Bussy (Effy & Allie Katch) defeated Journey Fatu & Juicy Finau to retain
  • Drew Parker defeated Joey Janela