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Lita, Gail Kim & Christy Hemme raising money for 'Kayfabe' pilot


Image: Kayfabe

Three former wrestlers launched a Kickstarter Monday in hopes of producing a pilot.

Amy "Lita" Dumas, Gail Kim, and Christy Hemme are the trio pushing Kayfabea one hour show they say is half story, half in-ring action.

From the Kickstarter: "It is an edgy, racy, cinematic television series about a female led professional wrestling start-up. This show is a dramatization and collection of female stories inspired by real life events."

In the nearly five minute video for the pitch, the three introduced the concept and the crew behind it which include former WWE writer Tom Casiello, former WWE/Impact production team member David Sahadi, Jimmy Jacobs, and Chavo Guerrero.

The video also includes what best can be described as trailer-style footage showing a female fan being disenchanted with the wrestling business amid images of #MeToo articles plastered on a wall. The accompanying voiceover is that she doesn't trust the business or how it's run so she's going to take matters in her own hands.

They are looking to raise $400,000 in 36 days with stretch goals of up to $4.6 million to produce a full eight episode season.