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Mickie James not planning to wrestle on NWA all-women's PPV


Mickie James said she has no intentions of wrestling on the upcoming NWA all-women's pay-per-view, but fans might get to see her in the ring very soon thereafter.

Talking on the NWA Power post-show, James said that because she will be producing the Saturday, August 28th show in St. Louis, Missouri, she has no plans to "go into business for herself and wrestle one of her favorites."

However, the 41-year-old hinted there might be "a chance to do something" on the NWA 73 anniversary pay-per-view the following day.

James said that she didn't want to do the same thing as she did when her first WWE run came to an end and that producing this event was something she could sink her teeth and heart into.

The former six-time WWE Women's/Divas champion said her last two years in WWE was a "weird space" for her and that she thought she had a plan for how things would end. However, her ideas weren't always the ideas of others and that was ok.

During her conversation, she also hinted at a return for the NWA Women's Tag Team titles which have been on ice since 1984 when the then-WWF bought them and turned them into their own Women's Tag Team titles. Those titles were deactivated in February 1989.