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NWA Power results: Homicide vs. Colby Corino Jr. Heavyweight title match

The NWA addressed World Champion Matt Cardona's weekend injury as well.

This week's NWA Power was headlined by Homicide defending the NWA Junior Heavyweight title against Colby Corino, but the NWA also addressed World Champion Matt Cardona's torn biceps injury this weekend.

During a video package for Cardona's title defense at Alwayz Ready against Nick Aldis, they cut in, updating fans that Cardona suffered an arm injury at a GCW show over the weekend but that they still expect him for the June 11th pay-per-view. 

Given that Cardona revealed today that he will require surgery, it would seem to be highly unlikely that he competes at the show named after him.


This week's show was from the recent Oak Grove, Kentucky, taping and continued the build to Alwayz Ready.

- A Corino in-ring promo opened things as he hyped up his match with Homicide. Kyle Davis said that the Corinos have had a history with Homicide who Corino said "made a career off my father's blood" and that he will build a new Corino dynasty in the NWA. Corino seemed nervous and hyping up the main event suffered as a result.

Speaking of not good, Madusa (the co-managing director of Saturday's NWA USA shows) sat in on commentary with Joe Galli and Tim Storm. She added next to nothing on commentary all night and didn't seem to know any of the talent competing.

Matt Vine defeated Eric Jackson

This was Vine's promotional debut. A tall guy that is well put together, Vine has been a pro since 2012 and has mainly been in OVW. Jackson had a spirited comeback, getting a two count off a sling blade. However, he got laid out with Vine's "Instant Classic" superkick for the loss. There wasn't anything standout here.

- The Ill Begotten (Alex Taylor & Jeremiah Plunkett) and Danny Dealz did a promo hyping their match on NWA USA with Hot 'n' Ready.

- The aforementioned video segment aired with Cardona vs. Aldis, the still not announced stipulation and the injury Cardona suffered this weekend.

- NWA Women's Champion Kamille talked with Kyle Davis about her tag team match next week, pitting her and Kenzie Page against KiLynn King and Missa Kate. Kamille will defend against King at the PPV and wanted to focus on how she wants her husband Thom Latimer to get gold as well.

Thom Latimer defeated Rhett Titus

This was an example of a perfectly fine pro wrestling match that didn't stand out in any way two days after what we saw at AEW Double or Nothing or even WWE Raw. It's not fair to either guy, but that's where we are at.

Titus, the longtime Ring of Honor roster member, came out with a very strange mask that doesn't seem to fit his character. If ROH doesn't end up bringing him back, he will need some kind of character change or refresh to get some buzz going.

Conversely, the very tan and very in-shape Latimer looks like he's from the 80s/90s. If you were to show his picture to people outside a mall in the Midwest and asked what he did for work, I'm guessing 90% would say "pro wrestler."

Latimer hurt his elbow by delivering an elbow strike to Titus' face which was a unique way to have it become the focus of the match. He ultimately won with a pop-up power bomb that was essentially one-armed due to his injury.

NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Homicide defeated Colby Corino to retain

Homicide was using every babyface crowd prompt move throughout the first half. Again, the match suffered because of how much wrestling we've seen the past few days and, frankly, nearly every night.

This got good in the final few minutes. Corino missed a 450 splash with a roll through, but Homicide rebounded with a suplex that got a near fall. He later hit his Koji cutter from the second rope that got a close two. Commentary played up that it was that first time anyone has kicked out of that.

Corino hit his own cutter, but took too long on the cover and only got two. Corino pulled out a foreign object from the turnbuckle, but the ref saw it and took it away. As he disposed of it, Corino kicked Homicide low and went for a rolling cover that nearly got three.

Corino went for a top rope frankensteiner, but Homicide rolled through and held on for a pin with the trunks fully in his grasp. Homicide mocked Corino afterward and flipped him off as Corino threw a fit on the outside that someone outcheated him.