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NWA Power Surge results: Bestia 666 vs. Rhett Titus

Pretty Empowered guest hosted this week's edition of NWA TV.

NWA Women's Tag Team Champions Pretty Empowered (Kenzie Page & Ella Envy) were the hosts for this week's Power Surge edition of the NWA's weekly TV show. Per usual, Joe Galli, Velvet Sky and Tim Storm were on the call.

Marti Belle defeated Madi

Belle is one half of the former tag team champions as part of The Hex. This was pretty basic face/heel work with Madi having the advantage for most of the match until Belle got rolling late. Belle won after she hit the Protect Ya Neck (pedigree).

- The champs were with Kerry Morton and asked him about his match while flirting with him which made him embarrassed. 

The Miserably Faithful & Dirty Sexy Boys defeated The Ill Begotten & The Spectaculars

They called this the first ever strange bedfellows match with two teams on each side that would normally never team. It certainly did make for strange visuals. During the match, the commentary team discussed there being some residual issues from the NWA US Tag Team title battle royal at NWA 74.

Following Dirty Dango having his way, he tagged in JTG who had some fun with new teammate Sal The Pal. The Ill Begotten and Spectaculars beat down Sal for the majority of the match which led to The Gimp getting the hot tag. Yes, that's a sentence I just wrote.

Dango got the win after hitting a falcon arrow. This was indeed a match.

- The champs were back and acting like mean girls with their third and newest member of their group, Roxy. 

Rhett Titus defeated Bestia 666 (w/ Damian 666)

Bestia is half of the NWA Tag Team Champions (La Rebelion) while Titus was a Ring of Honor mainstay. Storm called these guys junior heavyweights which seemed odd. Then again, I'm not sure what the qualifications for that division is.

This was a perfectly fine wrestling match that ended when Damian 666 misted his son in the eyes by mistake, giving Titus the opening to roll up Bestia for the win. The referee was staring straight at Damian when he blew the mist but didn't call for a DQ.

- The champs were with KiLynn King. There was more banter.

The Now defeated NWA National Champion Cyon (w/ Austin Idol) by countout in a non-title handicap match

Idol apparently called for a handicap match for his son. Cyon was rolling early until Cyon hurt his leg/knee. After a few minutes, The Now was rolling and Idol decided to pull Cyon out to take the countout. Weird finish. It also sounded like there were 10 fans in the venue for this taping.


Kyle Davis informed us that NWA Women's Champion Kamille will be part of the next Triplemania show, challenging AAA Reina de Reinas Champion Taya Valkyrie for the title.

Tyrus has dropped the TV title so he can challenge for the World title against champion Trevor Murdoch and Matt Cardona at Hard Time III, so a new champion will be crowned on this weekend's NWA USA. There will be two five-person matches with the winner of each squaring off to determine the new titleholder.

Participants include Jax Dane, Ricky Morton, Anthony Mayweather, Marshe Rockett, AJ Cazana, Caprice Coleman, Jordan Clearwater, Da Pope, Rush Freeman, and Max The Impaler.

They then re-aired the Kamille vs. Max Women's title match from NWA 74 in full.

- The champs were in pretend tears thanking everyone for tuning into this special episode before calling the viewers losing and wrapping it up.