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ROH Supercard of Honor media scrum notes: Tony Khan, Samoa Joe

The ROH/AEW head talked about conflicting feelings, big PPV numbers and some hints on the future.
Image: Denise Salcedo

Image: Denise Salcedo

Following Friday's Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor pay-per-view, the company held a media scrum with Tony Khan, Samoa Joe, Jonathan Gresham, Mercedes Martinez and FTR all speaking at various points.

Here's some of the highlights:

Tony Khan

Khan said as of now, there's nothing to announce in terms of a new TV deal and he gave no timeframe in which he hopes that would happen. He said tonight was a transition show and one done to honor both the fans and PPV distributors who previous ownership had committed to.

He said more than 2000 fans were in the building for the pay-per-view -- a big jump from when he bought the company when there was 200 tickets sold. He credited some of that to the anticipation for the FTR vs. Briscoes match.

He said the streaming numbers for the PPV shocked him and that they are trending toward the best ever for the company.

He is conflicted about running again during WrestleMania weekend, but considering the history, he might and will just get out of town Friday night. He joked about being counterprogrammed if he does run an event next year. He said that he couldn't wait to get out of Dallas (due to it being WrestleMania weekend).

He is interested in running an ROH show during a big AEW PPV weekend.

Khan said the ROH experience leading into tonight and the event itself were the most surreal moments in his life.

He is hoping to make a Deonna Purrazzo vs. Mercedes Martinez Women's title unification match soon as soon as they figure out her schedule.

Asked about Trish Adora, Khan says he likes her and she was on a short list for the interim ROH Women's title match tonight. He would consider bringing her back.

He couldn't tell Brian Cage about his vision for him in ROH due to the NDAs when the ROH deal was being made. He joked about being frustrated when Cage told the media that his contract was renewed but realized he never told him not to say anything. (Cage said Friday that he never said it was.)

He said that Killer Kross and Scarlett were never officially booked for the show tonight. He likes them a lot, but said prior management talked to a lot of people and nothing was locked in. 

He appreciated that WarnerMedia let him do the show tonight and that they didn't have to, given his commitments with AEW. He talked a lot about the synergy between ROH, AEW and WarnerMedia given how several talents appeared on both ROH and Rampage tonight.

Khan said he would talk to Maria Kanellis about her expressed interest in ROH, but later said while he is open to ideas from talent, he is not looking for booking help. However, he does need coaching help.

Samoa Joe

Joe said that during his second stint in WWE, he was actively pushing them to buy the ROH tape library.

While Joe can do a lot of things like broadcasting or other work, he is in AEW and ROH to win the world titles and said he is more than willing to enter the Owen Hart Tournament and win it.

He said going back to WWE was mainly due to Triple H and William Regal. When the regime change happened, "I knew the writing was on the wall for me."

Jonathan Gresham

The undisputed champion was thankful for Khan buying ROH and that his travels during the hiatus were to prepare him for guys like former ROH champions CM Punk and Bryan Danielson. 

"My job is to wrestle those men to restore honor to this title," he said.