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We want to know what your favorite Dusty Rhodes matches are


Since Dusty Rhodes' passing last Thursday, we've all heard a lot about his promos but I haven't heard nearly as much about his must-see matches. I know you're thinking about them, and there's a generation of fans who either a) have seen only a small fraction of his matches or b) haven't seen any. I fit into the former.

So, I want to hear from you. What's your favorite Dusty match (singles or tag) that's either available on the WWE Network or on YouTube/DailyMotion that fans could check out today? Email me (josh-at-wrestling-observer-dot-com) and put 'Favorite Dusty Match' in the headline. Give me who's in the match, where it was, and why it meant something to you. If you want to include your name, awesome. If not, just say 'Name witheld'.

Even if you assume that people are going to send in the same match, do it anyway. It'll be a great litmus test for ones that really stand out.

Email me by Sunday at midnight EST, and I'll put together a list to post on Monday. Thanks for taking part!