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WOR: The Bruno Sammartino interviews

Bruno Sammartino

With Bruno Sammartino's passing Wednesday, some of you may not know that he was a frequent guest on Wrestling Observer Radio dating back to the pre-merger days of 2001.

What follows are his six post-merger appearances with Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez starting with 2010 through his final appearance in October 2015 after he had just celebrated his 80th birthday.

Click the links below to listen. We will be adding these to the F4W Classics feed as well and here's how to add that feed to Downcast, Podcast Addict, etc.

  • May 2010: Bruno watched an episode of TNA Impact Wrestling and had some thoughts. Plus, he talked about his MSG runs, memories of Baron Scicluna, Georgiann Makropolous and others who have passed away in the last few months, bodybuilding, and more.
  • November 2010: Bruno returned later in the year to discuss his then-recent trip to Italy, the death of Edouard Carpentier, WWE people calling him bitter, some history, and more.
  • July 2011: Bruno returned in the summer of 2011 to discuss his then-recent heart surgery and his recovery, updates on two film projects about his life, thoughts on his two WWWF title runs, and more.
  • May 2012: It was nearly a year before Bruno returned to WOR but he came back with a 90-minute show that covered health updates, reader questions, working out in his prime vs. later in life, the usual history lessons, and more.
  • February 2013: Bruno discussed his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame and how the healing process between the two sides came to be.
  • October 2015: More than two years later, Bruno made his final WOR appearance, talking about reflections on his 80th birthday and tons more.

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