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Marty Scurll currently without a role in Ring of Honor


Following his removal from the company's active roster page over the weekend, Dave Meltzer said that Marty Scurll currently doesn't have a role in Ring of Honor.

Meltzer discussed Scurll's status on Sunday's Wrestling Observer Radio and said that he is not involved in creative and has been taken off the active roster with no plans to use him. He said Scurll hasn't been fired but simply isn't being used.

During this summer's #SpeakingOut movement, Scurll was accused of sexually abusing an inebriated 16-year-old girl in 2015. He released two statements in two days, denying any wrongdoing while admitting to a "brief consensual sexual encounter" where he had no reason to question her age.

In late-June, ROH said they were launching an investigation into #SpeakingOut accusations against their talent but four months later, they have yet to announce any findings of that investigation. He hasn't wrestled since February and wasn't part of the recent TV tapings.

Scurll re-upped with the company in January in what was believed to be a multi-year deal.