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ROH TV results: Bandido & Rey Horus vs. The OGK


Location: Philadelphia, PA

The Soldiers of Savagery (Moses & Kaun) defeated Dalton Castle & Dak Draper (9:10)

The Briscoes joined commentary for this match.

Dalton Castle and Kaun started off the bout. They exchanged a few moves on the mat as Castle tried to toy with Kaun’s focus. Castle was able to get the upper hand and tag out to Dak Draper. Draper was met by a furious Kaun, who took control of the match back and tagged out to Moses. As the match went into a commercial break, S.O.S had full control of Draper.

The tides turned as the match returned from the break. Castle and Draper hit a few double-team moves as Moses got fired up on the apron for the hot tag.

Once Moses came in, he bulldozed everybody in sight and even scared Castle’s chickens off. Eventually, Moses and Kaun worked together and hit a double-team DDT for the win.

Following the match, Dragon Lee & Kenny King jumped S.O.S. After Lee & King left the ring, S.O.S challenged them to an ROH Tag Team title match. That title match is set for the next episode of ROH TV.

Willow defeated Angelina Love and Miranda Alize in a Women’s Championship Contender's match (8:32)

Chelsea Green was on commentary here.

Willow was targeted by both Miranda Alize and Angelina Love right off the bat. She tried to fight it off but was met with strong resistance as the match went to commercial.

Willow finally found a way to defend herself against the two other opponents as we returned from the break. Both Alize and Love were hit with a combination of kicks and punches before Willow did a very impressive second rope dropkick on Alize.

Alize and Love stopped teaming together and went to blows with each other. Willow still was firing on all cylinders and kept hitting big move after big move on both women.

Near the end of the match, Love punted Alize off the apron with the Botox Injection kick. Willow capitalized on that by rolling Love up for the three count.

Willow will move on to face the winner of another triple threat match between Trish Adora, Mandy Leon, and Allysin Kay. The winner of that singles encounter will challenge Rok-C for the ROH Women's World Championship at Final Battle.

The OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) defeated ROH World Champion Bandido & Rey Horus (12:07) 

Mike Bennett and Rey Horus started off the match. They exchanged a few maneuvers but came to a stalemate as a commercial break ensued. 

Matt Taven and Bandido squared off but also came to a stalemate, which prompted Bennett to come in and hit some double-team moves with Taven. Taven & Bennett practically played the role of the heels as Horus eventually made a hot tag and cleared the ring.

Taven was overwhelmed by the double team from Bandido and Horus, prompting him to tag out to Bennett. The match broke down here and saw everybody hit big moves. All four wrestlers were eventually down and out at one point.

While Bennett had Horus on his back and in position for a stunner, The OGK hit a double-team move where Taven connected with a kick on Horus and Bennett planted Horus to get the win.

The OGK and Bandido & Horus showed respect to each other and exchanged words after the match.


Final Thoughts --

Despite all three of these matches being good/great, this episode of ROH TV felt uninspired and lacked a feel of importance.

Also, Bandido has lost four matches since winning the ROH World Championship. Even though they were all tag matches in some way or form, any champion just doesn't need to lose that much.

Rey Horus loses...way too much. He's 4-11 this year in the company. Horus is a phenom of a talent so I hope this is leading to something down the line.

I'm very happy with Willow picking up the victory, and I'm rooting for her to get the Women's title match at Final Battle.

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