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ROH TV results: Christmas Surprise 10-man tag match


The show opened with Jay Lethal announcing that tonight would be the annual Christmas Surprise 10-man tag team match. He and Matt Taven will each open gifts throughout the show and each gift will contain the name of a wrestler to join their team.

Lethal was thrilled to be opening gifts, and Taven was rather displeased that he could end up with “melvins” on his team.

Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana, and Caprice Coleman called the action from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This episode was taped on November 3.

The Twisted Sisterz (Holidead & Thunder Rosa) defeated Dr. Britt Baker & Madison Rayne

This one started off hot as Baker nailed a superkick and Rayne followed it up with a dive onto both of their opponents on the outside.

Back inside, Holidead planted Rayne with a sit-down facebuster slam and tagged in Rosa. They teamed up for an assisted senton drop on Rayne, which earned Rosa a two count. The Sisterz kept up the assault throughout the commercial break. Finally, Rayne hit a jawbreaker to make the tag. Baker came in and delivered slingblades to both Holidead and Rosa.

The Sisterz hit Celebrity Rehab on Baker and nearly ended the match, but Rayne broke it up. She landed a split-leg dropkick, but Rosa cut her off with a cradle driver. The Sisterz hit another driver and followed up with a double stomp off the top onto Baker for the win. 

Lethal and Taven were shown opening gifts. Lethal was happy with his partners and Taven was not. After the break, Lethal was bummed about not drawing Cheeseburger, but then Coleman showed up and gave him a secret gift. Inside, it was the name “Cheeseburger.” Lethal was elated.

Christmas Surprise 10-man tag team match: Jay Lethal, Cheeseburger, Rhett Titus, Vinny Marseglia & Jeff Cobb defeated Matt Taven, Brian Milonas, Jonathan Gresham, Beer City Bruiser & Marty Scurll

There was a lot of dissension among both teams before the match began, primarily based on who was wearing the sillier Christmas outfit. Lethal and Gresham, who have recently been partners, started it off with some fancy chain wrestling.

Gresham tagged to Bruiser. Lethal lit him up with chops. Cheeseburger was then tagged in by Lethal. Bruiser tagged in Taven, who immediately tagged out to Milonas. This left the smallest man in the ring paired with the largest.

Cheeseburger snatched a side headlock and Milonas lifted him up with one arm. Cheeseburger then used his speed to make Milonas chase him until he ran out of gas and collapsed. Titus jumped in the ring and didn’t even bother to tag Cheeseburger. The two of them decided to have a go at suplexing the big man, but that failed.

After a five-man suplex, Marseglia got in with an ax and Scurll squared up with a candy cane, then switched to a real cane. Scurll tagged Taven so the two Kingdom members would have to face each other. Marseglia went to tag out as instructed by Taven, but as he went to make a tag, his team jumped off the apron. Taven's team followed suit.

Taven and Marseglia did a criss-cross spot until they slid out and started a brawl with everyone on the outside. It was chaos. Nine of the ten men gathered to brawl, which allowed Bruiser to hit a dive off the top turnbuckle onto everyone.

After the commercial, Lethal launched everyone out of the corner one at a time to connect with big splashes on Taven. All of Lethal’s team members hit a big move and all went for the cover on Taven, but Gresham broke it up. A parade of finishers were exchanged by each team, leading to Cobb tagging himself in leaving him alone with Milonas, even though Bruiser was the legal man.

Incredibly, Cobb managed to heave Milonas up for a pumphandle suplex and tossed him overhead. He gave Bruiser an impressive Tour of the Islands, earning Lethal's team the win.