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ROH War of the Worlds Edinburgh results: New six-man tag champs


Submitted by reader Innes McVey

- The show started with a surprise appearance from Colt Cabana, who then inserted himself in the match between Josh Bodom and Kenny King.

- Kenny King defeated Josh Bodom and Colt Cabana

They had a pretty great match, which ended when King pinned Bodom. King was the face, Bodom was the heel, and Cabana did a lot of comedy as the third wheel. The crowd was behind Cabana a lot.

- Ultimo Guerrero & Rey Bucanero defeated The Briscoes

Guerrero picked up the win with a roll-up after The Briscoes worked on Bucanero for most of the match. Surprisingly, The Briscoes were booked to be heels here but the crowd was very much behind them.

- Bully Ray defeated EVIL by DQ

The audience was hot for EVIL, which continued for Los Ingobernables de Japon throughout the show. EVIL used Bully Ray's chain for the DQ, then Bully got a table out and put EVIL through it.

Bully cut a short promo after the match and gave half of the table he broke to a kid in the crowd.

- Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, SANADA & BUSHI) defeated KUSHIDA, Mistico & Titan

LIJ got the biggest reaction of the night. Everyone was hugely behind them. It was a good tag match, but it was dominated by how over LIJ were. Naito hit the Destino to win.

- Hiromu Takahashi defeated Mark Haskins

This got a similar reaction to the last match. Some fans knew Haskins from his UK work, but Takahashi was very over. They had an athletic match with high-flying that Takahashi won with the Time Bomb.

- The Young Bucks & Hangman Page defeated Dalton Castle & The Boys to win the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship

They had what was probably the best match of the night and did one of the most insane finishes I've ever seen. Page set up the Rite of Passage on one of the Boys, but the Bucks placed the other on Page's front in the normal tombstone position. They then did a double Meltzer Driver to win the titles.

- Cody & Marty Scurll defeated The Addiction

Next was what had been advertised as the main event. The Addiction came out in kilts and were wearing Roddy Piper shirts, but they ended up turning it into a heel act.

Cody and Scurll were both very over, especially Scurll. It was a pretty average match compared to the rest of the card (but was good on its own). Scurll put Frankie Kazarian in the chicken wing while Cody hit the Cross Rhodes for the victory.

- Silas Young defeated Jay Lethal in an Edinburgh street fight

They had the second best match on the show, only beaten by the six-man tag. They used trash cans, brooms, ladders, tables, and chairs. It was brutal and everything looked genuinely believable.

It ended with Young using an AA from the top rope to put Lethal through a table and win. The only downside was that it went on longer than the crowd was up for and a lot of people were waiting for it to end so they could leave.