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Ring of Honor parting ways with Kelly Klein


According to an email released by a former producer, Ring of Honor will not re-sign current women's world champion Kelly Klein when her deal is up due to what they are saying is a breach of contract.

According to Dave Meltzer, that deal is up on December 31st.

The email was posted to Twitter by Joey Mercury, a former producer, creative team member, and trainer for ROH, as part of a recent string of tweets airing his displeasure and frustration with his former employers.

Klein and her husband, former ROH wrestler and producer B.J. Whitmer, both confirmed the news on Twitter and have also aired their displeasure with the situation and how it was handled, especially in which the news was delivered.

The 33-year-old Klein has been with ROH since 2015 and has won their women's title three times. She has been fighting through post-concussion syndrome and said that while she is improving, she is still experiencing symptoms.

In the email sent this past Tuesday, ROH COO Joe Koff showed frustration with Klein for not showing remorse for "past actions that had hurt the company," specifically "sharing confidential documents and emails with another contractor who used the material to defame and slander the company and one of its key officers, Greg Gilleland."

He then said Klein used her social media presence to help further the contractor's Twitter account gain traction and validate his claims. The contractor in question is Mercury and this tweet is assumed to be part of what Koff is referencing.

Koff then said that despite that, he appreciated Klein's time with ROH and rather than pursue the breach of contract which would put a six-month non-compete into action, ROH would simply let the contract expire at the end of the term.

PW Insider's Mike Johnson got a statement from the company which said, "We don't generally discuss personal issues, but they seem to have made it public. We didn't fire [Kelly Klein], we just notified her that we would not be renewing her contract."

Ring of Honor is holding a summit for all of its talent Friday in Baltimore, Maryland, something Mercury has been vocal about.