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Tony Khan: Combined AEW/ROH big event may make sense one day

The owner also doesn't see AEW talent appearing in ROH as being "sent down. "

A combined AEW/Ring of Honor event may happen one day if it makes sense, according to the owner of both companies.

In answering a question on a Barstool Sports podcast about the possibility of Bryan Danielson vs. CM Punk in ROH, Tony Khan said he would like to see the two lock up some day in AEW but that it might make sense down the road.

He then mentioned the possibility of a supercard of sorts down the line.

"I think we have a lot of great stars in AEW and a lot of great stars in Ring of Honor. There may come a day where it would makes sense that all the stars of AEW and all the stars of Ring of Honor come together as one and have a big event. We'll see when that time is."

Khan corrected host Robbie Fox when he mentioned movement between the two companies as "going down" to ROH. Khan preferred the term "laterally," indicating that his new acquisition will not be treated as a developmental group but as an equal of sorts.

ROH titles have been on the line on AEW TV over the last week, something Khan said he sees as the best way to keep both the champions and their titles in the spotlight as they figure out their TV future.

After saying he is still working on details regarding ROH TV distribution, Khan again indicated that he has had "exciting conversations with WarnerMedia" about ROH. In talking about the video library, Khan said he wants to incentivize ROH fans to watch more content.

Khan also told a story of a "travel nightmare" getting Samoa Joe to this month's Supercard of Honor show due to issues with flights from both Florida and, specifically, Tampa. As a result, Joe was flown in via private jet (which Joe shared on social media before his surprise appearance) which wasn't the original plan.

When asked about CM Punk's public reaction to him buying ROH, Khan said Punk was one of the first people to know he was looking at making the purchase and that Punk's "reaction in real life was more choked up than when he talked to the media."

Khan didn't hint at what his announcement on Dynamite will be or if it will be related to ROH.