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Cain Velasquez issues first statement since arrest for attempted murder

The former UFC heavyweight champion will be in court Tuesday afternoon.

In his first statement since being arrested for attempted premeditated murder, former UFC heavyweight champion and former WWE/AAA wrestler Cain Velasquez thanked those who have offered support and gave a message of support to "the true victims of this case."

On February 28th, the 39-year-old Velasquez allegedly followed and drove into the truck of Eugene Goularte who was charged with allegedly molesting one of Velasquez's relatives who was under ten years old. He then is alleged to have fired a handgun into Goularte's truck, striking Goularte's stepfather.

Velasquez said he and his family would never be able to thank their supporters for the love and support. 

"Your selfless gestures and kind words have given me strength in my darkest times. This story is complex and slowly unraveling as we speak. To the true victims of this case, may God give you the strength to come forward. Though it is most difficult to relive the pain that has happened to you, in speaking the truth, justice will be served and your own healing will start. I will never stop helping or loving my community and all of you. Thank you for loving me."

He was denied bail and is currently awaiting his arraignment. He is due in court this afternoon in California's Santa Clara County court.

If convicted of the nine charges he faces, he could serve more than 20 years in prison.