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CM Punk loses via decision at UFC 225


Image: MMA Fighting/Esther Lin

In what is most likely to be his final fight in the UFC, CM Punk dropped a rather one-sided unanimous decision loss to Mike Jackson to open up the UFC 225 PPV.

All three judges had the fight 30-26 for Jackson (1-1).

In the first round, Punk (0-2) was active, throwing some kicks, hitting a good left hand, and cage grappling a bit. However, Jackson's experience took over. He blocked a Punk takedown and started to outstrike Punk, bloodying him up. He did get a takedown with about 40 seconds to go, but couldn't do anything with it.

In the second round, Jackson hit a big right hand that hurt Punk. He tried a strange standing guillotine which Jackson countered by just dropping him to the mat. Jackson didn't show much of a sense of urgency in punching Punk while in his guard, many while looking in another direction. He was dominant in battering Punk and the fans began to boo at the action. Punk looked tired throughout the round, somethign that would continue in the third round.

The third was all Jackson, who picked apart Punk on the feet. Punk was throwing wildely but not hitting. Again, Jackson wasn't showing a sense of urgency and pounded Punk more whhen getting him to the mat. Fans were booing or just plain sileint in the 10-8 round. Punk was trying the entire time, but just had nothing to offer Jackson.

This was Punk's first fight since September 2016 when he lost to Mickey Gall via first round submission. Ariel Helwani reported via the UFC that Punk was being transported to a local hospital for a facial CT scan.