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CM Punk takes home (at least) $500,000 for UFC 203 fight

CM Punk

If people were angry at CM Punk for even getting a UFC opportunity, imagine the reaction at the revelation of Punk's fight purse for his MMA debut.'s Shaun Al-Shatti reported Monday afternoon that Punk will get $500,000 for his outing against Mickey Gall at Saturday's UFC 203, according to numbers released by the Ohio Athletic Commission.

The 37-year-old was soundly beaten and submitted by Gall, who took home $30,000 ($15k show/$15k win) for the winning effort. Punk earned a flat fee, meaning there was no win bonus on the line.

As most who follow the sport know, that amount doesn't include any non-disclosed bonuses or PPV points, so it's fair to say that Punk -- a former WWE star that is no stranger to PPV -- may be getting even more for his debut effort.

Despite the performance, Punk said he will fight again. However, Dana White told Fight Network's John Pollock that if he does fight it again, it probably won't be in the UFC which raises some interesting options should TV-ratings hungry Bellator MMA take an interest. UFC 203 estimated PPV buyrates likely won't be available for a few weeks, which may tell a bigger story about where Punk fights next.

Other large take-homes include UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic ($600k flat), Alistair Overeem ($800k flat), Fabricio Werdum ($375k which included win bonus), Travis Browne ($120k flat), and Urijah Faber ($160k flat).