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Dana White securing private island for international UFC events


A beaming Dana White told TMZ Monday that as of April 18th, "the UFC is back in business" after securing a venue for two months and, apparently, a piece of international property.

White said that he is in the final stages of securing a private island on which they will stage shows featuring international fighters that are unable to get to the United States due to coronavirus related travel bansk. He said the company is setting up their infrastructure there now, but it's unclear how that process will work given the various travel bans around the world, especially getting fighters back into their home country.

He said that the UFC has secured a venue for two months that April's UFC 249 will be held in in addition to shows every week, effectively getting the company back on its usual busy schedule if his plans come through.

He declined to say where the venue is, but it's been rumored as on the U.S. West Coast and possibly on Native American tribal land.

White also said Joe Rogan will be calling shows despite the longtime UFC color commentator recently saying on a podcast that he wasn't interested in doing so due to the pandemic.

The UFC president has been adamant about the company putting on shows despite other sports leagues shutting down and have had to cancel three events thus far. He emphasized that everyone involved will be tested for COVID-19 from fighers to trainers to UFC personnel.