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The Day In Punk: CM Punk declines a handshake, prepares for UFC 203 battle

CM Punk vs. Mickey Gall | UFC 203

After 21 months, all that stands between CM Punk and his UFC debut is time.

As expected, Punk made weight Friday morning, hitting 170 on the nose. So much for all that weight cutting talk, eh?

Then, Punk got to the public weigh-ins with Mickey Gall and didn't care about shaking his opponent's hand. Gall started talking to him, but got nothing by a stoic look back. As Gall left, Punk let out some emotion and seemed genuinely excited about what's to come.

So why didn't Punk shake Gall's hand? Let Mr. Brooks tell you.


The UFC Embedded series has been a little slow to come out, but here's episode 4. 


Punk did a post for the Players Tribune that got released Friday where he talked about his decision to fight. It's a good read, but your tl;dr version is that he's happier now pursuing something he wants to be great at rather than stay in something he was good at. He's saying all the right things that makes one believe win or lose Saturday, he's going to be back. Otherwise, what's all of this been for?


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