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The Day In Punk: CM's media day & 2-minute open workout, 'hack journalists'

CM Punk

As part of the lead-in to UFC 203, several fighters held "open workouts" which are typically short and light workout sessions designed for fans and media to get a few pictures and soundbites.

CM Punk's first workout even tested the definition of the word "light". Try just over two minutes. I don't know if this means anything, but the crowd seemed awfully light. 

Afterward, Punk answered questions for about nine minutes, most of which were the garden variety scrum stuff. He was asked about the mini-controvery that arose Tuesday about wheher his license should have even been issued by Ohio.

Punk said he really didn't know anything about it and pondered why people are that concerned about it. When someone said they were worried about his well being, Punk shot back, "No, they're not. They're hack journalists trying to stir up sh*t." 

Overall, he seems jovial for someone that is known for being a bit prickly.


All four parts of the Punk mini-doc 'Evolution of Punk' are available on YouTube. It'll take you about an hour and twenty minutes to get through them.


The latest episode of Embedded was released featuring Punk in a cryo-chamber and leaving Sweet Home Chicago for Cleveland. Also, Stipe Miocic gets a new suit, Jessica Eye gets ready for a first pitch, Alistair Overeem's sunglasses are still on fleek, and Mickey Gall arrives.

On a side note, Dana White kiboshed Gall's original choice for entrance music


In case you missed it, Paul Fontaine took a look at past pro wrestlers who went into MMA. From Bart to Brock to Batista, this is well-worth the read.


Ariel Helwani tweeted that he was able to do his annual sitdown interview with Punk that should drop Thursday night.


Kevin Iole did a column/feature on Punk. You can also see a Doug Gottlieb interview with Punk embedded there as well.