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UFC 279 press conference canceled due to backstage fights

Two separate incidents involving Khamzat Chimaev, Nate Diaz and Kevin Holland's teams caused the cancellation.

In a departure from the week-long news cycle surrounding the AEW All Out post-event press conference fight, the UFC had their own issues Thursday which resulted in their UFC 279 press conference being canceled.

Saturday's pay-per-view is headlined by Nate Diaz vs. Khamzat Chimaev in the final fight on Diaz's contract. Typically, any press event that features Nate or brother Nick is must-see in terms of promotion.

The issues started with Kevin Holland, who is fighting on the card, and Chimaev after they had been chirping at each other on social media for some time. Chimaev walked up to Holland which led to a skirmish with Chimaev landing a front kick. 

MMA agent Tiki Ghosn was one of the people who helped separate the two, but that caused its own issues. Members of Diaz's team thought Ghosn was aligned with Chimaev and began yelling at him with some throwing water bottles at both Ghosn and Chimaev's team. The agent, also a former fighter, was also apparently slapped and kicked during the exchange.

UFC president Dana White attempted to salvage the media event by bringing out six fighters in pairs, but decided to cancel after just one set (Holland and Daniel Rodriguez) came out.

White said afterward that "it was a complete sh*tshow," later promising the organization will take measures to ensure something like that never happens again.

Unlike the aforementioned AEW press conference, no fighters will be suspended or require any medical attention.