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UFC's Jorge Masvidal, Colby Covington have altercation at Miami restaurant

Masvidal has been charged with felony battery.
Covington - Masvidal 03062022

This story was updated at 4:45 PM Eastern.

After this month's UFC 272 when Colby Covington defeated rival Jorge Masvidal, Masvidal said their issues weren't over. 

He wasn't lying.

The two got into an altercation outside a Miami Beach, Florida, restaurant Monday night and Masvidal has been charged with felony battery as a result.

Covington wasn't identified due to invoking Marsy's Law which "gives crime victims meaningful and enforceable constitutional rights equal to the rights of the accused."

According to Miami Beach Police Public Information Officer Ernesto Rodriguez, the other person involved lost teeth.

The only video was posted by TMZ of Covington outside the restaurant afterward, surrounded by police, talking to a social media personality who he was having dinner with. From what he is saying, it appears Masvidal initiated the conflict in some form.

Shortly after, Masvidal posted a video on Twitter tagging Covington where he said it was a "show your face challenge" and that "if you talk sh*t, you gotta back it up."

In tweets from Masvidal's manager, the issue stemmed from Covington allegedly talking about Masvidal's children in some form. Manager Malki Kawa also alluded to Covington missing a tooth from the altercation which would correlate with the information provided above.

Masvidal also nodded at Covington talking about his children in a Tuesday morning tweet.

Covington has yet to comment about any of this.

The two were teammates at the Dan Lambert-led American Top Team before Covington left ATT after issues with Masvidal and others. Masvidal claimed Covington didn't pay a coach that helped him train for a fight which Covington denied.