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Apollo Crews wins Intercontinental title at WWE WrestleMania 37


Apollo Crews won his first WWE Intercontinental title Sunday at WrestleMania 37, defeating Big E in a Nigerian drum fight match thanks to a surprise return.

After hitting the Big Ending following Crews missing a frog splash through a table, Big E was about to win the match when the wrestler formerly known as Dabba Kato from last year's Raw Underground segments appeared from under the ring. Dressed in military garb, he attacked Big E and following a chokeslam, he dragged Crews onto him for the pin and the title change.

WWE announcers didn't name Kato and acted like they didn't know who he was.

The match was essentially a hardcore match but with kendo sticks, stand-up drums, gongs and tables. The ringside steps were also used liberally, a tie-in to when Crews dropped them on Big E several weeks ago on SmackDown.

This is Crews' second WWE title as he is a former U.S. titleholder while the loss ends Big E's second I-C title reign. He had held the title since last December when he defeated Sami Zayn in a lumberjack match on SmackDown.

He also joins a list of short list of wrestlers to have competed in five or more WrestleMania main card matches without getting a win (Goldust, Ron Killings, Sasha Banks).