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Ashley Massaro joins lawsuit against WWE

Ashley Massaro

Former WWE wrestler Ashley Massaro has joined a lawsuit against WWE, claiming she was sexually assaulted during an overseas tour in addition to not getting proper care for concussions suffered during her run there.

Massaro said she was sexually assaulted during a 2006 WWE tour of Kuwait visiting U.S. troops. Upon returning and being examining by a company doctor, she said the doctor reported the incident to WWE personnel who later apologized to her about the incident, but "persuaded her that it would be best not to report it to appropriate authorities.’’

The 37-year-old claimed she suffered several concussions during her WWE run, receiving no care or appropriate treatment afterward. 

Massaro and seven other former talents joined the ongoing lawsuit against WWE this past Wednesday, a case which now sports 52 people. They allege that the company wasn't forthcoming with the dangers of head trauma related to concussions and repetitive head injuries.

Massaro won the company's Diva Search in 2005 and was with WWE through the summer of 2008. She later did some small acting roles and was on the cast of 2007's Survivor: China.

From the Boston Globe's article:

"WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt, asked to comment on Massaro’s allegations, did not directly address them. Instead, he cited the WWE’s motion for sanctions against Kyros and the judge’s opinion on the motion, which included her sharp rebuke of Kyros.

The WWE is expected to fully address the allegations by Massaro and the other new plaintiffs when it files a motion to dismiss the case."