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The Authors of Pain debut on WWE Raw

Authors of Pain

The WWE's tag team division got a shakeup Monday as The Authors of Pain made their Raw debut and even shed some weight in doing so.

Escorted by manager Paul Ellering, the former NXT tag team champions (Akam and Rezar) answered an open challenge from Heath Slater and Rhyno, dominating the two and pinning Slater after hitting The Last Chapter after just a few minutes.

Following their win, they exited the ring and put their hands on Ellering's shoulders as if to tell him he wasn't coming with them. They walked up the ramp and he remained, shaking his head as he watched. 

The two men made their NXT TV debut less than two years ago and defeated Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa for the tag titles, later losing them to SAnitY. 

Akam (Sunny Dhinsa) was a standout amateur wrestler in his native Canada, scouted by Gerald Brisco and signing with the company in 2014. Rezar (Gzim Selmani) is a former pro MMA fighter and kickboxer from the Netherlands, and signed with WWE in 2015.