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Bad Bunny set for more WWE appearances


Image: WWE

The WWE Royal Rumble and Monday's Raw won't be the last fans see of Bad Bunny.

First reported by PWInsider and confirmed by Dave Meltzer, WWE is planning on future appearances from the Puerto Rican pop star and soon-to-be actor. PWInsider said they were told that WrestleMania 37 is in the plans with a pitch for him to wrestle on the event.

The 26-year-old performed at the Rumble and was involved in a show-long angle with Miz and John Morrison. It culminated with Miz breaking Bunny's turntables on the way out to the Rumble match which brought Bunny out to distract he and Morrison. Damien Priest then eliminated Miz and Morrison and Bunny hit a dive off the top on to them.

Bunny was also on last night's Raw as a guest on Miz TV. Miz offered Bunny the chance to learn how to wrestle under he and Morrison in exchange for a recording contract. Bunny refused and brought out Priest who defeated Miz in his Raw debut which also included a microphone shot from Bunny to Morrison's head.