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Bret Hart assailant to be arraigned following WWE HOF incident


Image: CBC

Zachary Madsen will be will arraigned in a Brooklyn, NY, court Sunday for his assault on Bret Hart Saturday night at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremonies.

The 26-year-old will be charged with two counts of third degree assault, one count of criminal tresspass, and one count of violation of local law following his tackle of Hart at the Barclays Center as he was giving a speech as part of the Hart Foundation's induction.

The 61-year-old Hart appeared unharmed and finished the speech after things settled down. However, our Dave Meltzer tells us he did visit a hospital Saturday as he was experiencing some hip discomfort from the fall.

Retired and active wrestlers jumped to Hart's and niece Natalya's aid following the incident. One local outlet reported a security guard suffered minor injuries in the skirmish.

The New York Post did a deeper dive into Madsen's social media accounts Sunday.

As of this writing, Hart has not posted about any of this on social media.