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Bruce Prichard on recent WWE changes: ‘It’s exciting times’

Prichard returned to his Something To Wrestle With podcast recently.

Bruce Prichard has commented on the recent changes in WWE. 

Prichard returned to his Something to Wrestle With podcast recently and commented on the "exciting times" currently taking place in the company. 

“Let’s call it exciting. It’s exciting times," he said. "People take life for granted sometimes and take things happening around you for granted and it’s all how you look at life. You can either love life, live life or you can hate life and just exist. There were times in my life where I chose the latter, but I choose the former. I would rather live life and enjoy it because life is a journey, not a destination. Remember, the light at the end of the tunnel may be you.” 

Prichard also took time on the show to clarify his role with creative for the NXT brand. Following Paul Levesque taking time away from the company due to health concerns, there were reports that NXT would become a "McMahon-Prichard production." Prichard was said to be involved with the marketing, promotion, and direction of the show. He noted on his podcast, however, that he has never written a single episode of NXT.  

"I do have to say, because it's something people, even internally, have come to me with and made comments about...that I was writing NXT. I never said a word. You know what else I never did? I never wrote one NXT show in the history of my existence," Prichard said.

"I'm a fan of NXT, I love NXT. Shawn Michaels recently came out and talked about how, 'It's been me, it's been me since day one.' Shawn has done a tremendous job of grabbing NXT by the horns and doing what he's done. I love Shawn Michaels to death." 

H/T to Fightful for the above transcriptions.