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Charlotte and Emma injury updates


Both Emma and Charlotte were banged up at WWE live events on Friday night.

Emma was wrestling Asuka in the opener of the NXT show in Cleveland, OH.  They did a ref stoppage finish, with the referee holding up the dreaded X sign and stopping the match after Asuka delivered a hard kick to the head and neck.  Emma was down in the ring for a long time afterwards and there was concern that she had been legitimately knocked out.  We are told that she was hurt by the kick but not badly, probably could have finished the match, but the refs are cautious and the idea was better safe than sorry.

Charlotte was also injured during a match with Becky Lynch at the WWE house show in Minneapolis, MN.  During the match Becky hit her with something and Charlotte went down hard and began bleeding everywhere.  They stopped the match and ruled it a no contest.  Becky was said to have been very concerned.  Charlotte was helped to the back while bleeding from the nose.  The only update we have so far is that she is said to be OK.

We will have better information over the next few days as they are further checked out, but the belief Saturday was that neither was likely to miss significant time.  In fact, Charlotte on Twitter indicated that she would be back in the ring for tonight's house show in Cedar Rapids.