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Charlotte Flair reinstated from storyline suspension on WWE Raw


Just one week after being suspended in storyline, Charlotte Flair was back on tonight's episode of Raw.

Charlotte was reinstated by WWE authority figure Sonya Deville on Raw tonight. Adam Pearce had given Charlotte an "indefinite suspension" and fined her $100,000 in storyline last Monday after she snapped and attacked referee Eddie Orengo.

On last week's Raw, Charlotte lost to Asuka after Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley interfered in the match. As Charlotte had Asuka in the Figure Eight, Ripley broke up the move by pulling on Charlotte's arms. Charlotte being distracted by Ripley led to her losing to Asuka. Charlotte snapped on Orengo after the match and beat him down.

Deville said tonight that she thinks Pearce's decision was rushed and he didn't hear both sides of the story. Charlotte then apologized to WWE management, the WWE Universe, and to Orengo for putting her hands on him and manhandling him. Orengo said he accepted Charlotte's apology and admitted that he didn't see Ripley interfere. Deville said that with Orengo accepting Charlotte's apology and Charlotte paying her fine, her suspension has now been lifted.

Charlotte then pointed out that Orengo said it was his mistake. Charlotte said she needed Orengo to apologize to her. After Orengo apologized, Charlotte told him, "good boy."

As Deville and Charlotte went to the back after the segment, Pearce asked Deville when she was going to tell him about reinstating Charlotte. Deville claimed that it was a last-minute thing and that she had been trying to find Pearce to tell him. Deville apologized to her fellow authority figure Pearce, but he said he didn't believe the apology.

Charlotte defeated Mandy Rose later on tonight's Raw. Orengo was the referee for the match. Charlotte got mad at Orengo for accidentally getting in her way during the match and for what she said was a slow count at one point. Charlotte had Orengo hold the ropes open for her both before and after the match. Charlotte also refused to let Orengo raise her arm after she won.

Dave Meltzer reported last week that Charlotte having dental surgery was the reason for her storyline suspension. TalkSport's Alex McCarthy noted that Charlotte wasn't expected to be out long.