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CM Punk talks about his tryout for FS1's WWE Backstage


While doing an appearance on Wednesday's Collider Live podcast to promote Girl On The Third Floor, CM Punk discussed his recent tryout with Fox for the WWE Backstage studio show.

He confirmed the tryout and that his agents reached out to him because of how much Fox is investing into WWE with SmackDown. He said Fox was interested in him and that he hasn't dealt with anyone from WWE during the process, nor has he heard anything from WWE after the tryout.

He said he loves Renee Young and that the role would be similar to what he does for CFFC MMA. He said he was clear that he didn't want to come in just to dump on the product but that if there's something that's bad, he would have to be honest about it. 

Punk didn't say where the process is at or how the tryout went. He did reiterate that he's not interested in returning to the ring, but is in a position where he's open to anything other than wrestling because he's grown as a person and is a businessman.

He talked extensively about horror movies, acting, his friendship with Dave Batista, what he learned from Eddie Guerrero, and more.