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Cody Rhodes' status with WWE 'is very uncertain'

The former AEW EVP may not be headed back to his longtime former employer after all.
Cody Rhodes

What was thought to be a done deal a few weeks ago is now up in the air as Cody Rhodes' status with returning to WWE has apparently changed.

Dave Meltzer discussed the situation on the most recent Wrestling Observer Radio, saying that creative plans had already been laid out for his return but something has caused uncertainty.

"His status has changed, in theory," Meltzer said of Rhodes. "He was on the books in WWE. They had creative laid out for him. They still thought on Friday that they had creative laid out for him. Now, it's very uncertain. They don't know what's going on with Cody Rhodes. They're not sure." 

In mid-February, Rhodes announced he and wife, Brandi, wouldn't be returning to AEW where he was a founding member, an executive vice president, and a former three-time TNT Champion.

"They (WWE) thought they had him. It's not like it's dead, it's not like they think they don't have him, but they're not sure," Meltzer said. 

He didn't indicate or discuss if returning to AEW was an option, acknowledging some online fan sentiment that this whole thing is an angle to have him run Ring of Honor which AEW head Tony Khan just purchased.