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EC3 claims WWE knew about Velveteen Dream filming accusation

The former WWE wrestler also blamed Dream for a concussion that derailed his career.

Nearly two weeks after bringing an accusation to light about Velveteen Dream setting up his phone to film people urinating in his bathroom, EC3 said in a new interview that people within WWE knew about the incident.

EC3 previously claimed to SportsKeeda that in 2018, Dream (Patrick Clark Jr.) set up a camera in EC3's bathroom during a party so he could film people as they relieved themselves. He said he chose not to confront Dream but rather end the party early instead, saying he did later inform other talent that were there.

Talking on a different podcast, the former WWE wrestler then insinuated that even though the incident was known about in the company, Dream didn't get disciplined because he was doing well at the time.

"It was known. Talent was involved. It's a wild tale and a lot of people did know...even being part of it where I was kind of at the forefront of it because it was my home, taking it up the chain, being there, getting there. People sometimes don't want the boat rocked from an office perspective. Sometimes, talent is doing well and drawing money. They'll be protected," he said.

He also accused Dream of "ruining" both his WWE run and his life following a concussion he suffered during their TakeOver match in August 2018, insinuating Dream acted in retaliation for the story initially getting out.

"The butterfly effect (of the incident), in theory, working with him later, being concussed. Was that purposeful? It kind of ruined my run and kind of ruined my life in a sense. It put me in a bad spot because of the issues with the concussions that stemmed from it. That's not to put the blame on it, but that's my story and it's the truth," he said.

After being released initially in 2013, EC3 re-signed with WWE in 2018 before being released against in the spring of 2020 as part of pandemic cuts. He has made appearances in Ring of Honor, NWA and Impact Wrestling in addition to starting his Control Your Narrative promotion. 

Dream hasn't worked in the business since being released by WWE in May 2021. He also hasn't responded to these allegations.