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Edge-Randy Orton WWE Backlash match already taped


On the post-NXT TakeOver Wrestlng Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that the Edge vs. Randy Orton match scheduled for this Sunday's WWE Backlash has already been taped.

In what WWE has been billing "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever", Meltzer said he was told the match was "really, really good" and that it was "two very smart workers working very hard to have the smartest match they possibly could under the circumstances."

Meltzer surmised the match was taped so post-match editing could help it try to achieve the lofty goal of the marketing tagline for the match. He also said the rest of the pay-per-view was not already filmed as was reported elsewhere.

In Edge's first match back after retiring in 2011, he and Orton went head-to-head at this year's WrestleMania in a last man standing match that didn't meet expectations with many critics calling it too long.

On the May 11th Raw, Orton challenged Edge to a "straight up wrestling match" which Edge accepted the following week.