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Florida county officials delay taking action on WrestleMania for one week


During a Thursday emergency meeting of the Hillsborough County (Florida) Emergency Policy Group regarding the coronavirus outbreak, officials said they are not going to cancel or postpone this year's WrestleMania as of now.

However, if WWE doesn't make a decision on their own in the next week, county and city officials will reconvene to discuss updates and what actions to take next which could include taking matters into their own hands.

The company's biggest event of the year is scheduled for Sunday, April 5th, just over three weeks away.

In a Thursday press conference, Florida governor Ron DeSantis did not ban large group gatherings but asked both local governments and private groups to strongly consider postponing those gatherings or scaling them back considerably. DeSantis further asked those groups who do not cancel to have screening measures in place. 

The last 18 hours has seen a flurry of major sports league cancellations including the NBA and NHL suspending their seasons while Major League Baseball has suspended operations until further notice, likely delaying their season. 

In the wrestling world, AEW will not hold next Wednesday's Dynamite in Rochester, NY, while the UFC (Brazil) and Bellator (Connecticut) are moving ahead with their shows this weekend as of this writing.