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Gallows and Anderson re-sign with WWE


According to our Dave Meltzer, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have re-signed with WWE.

On a Friday edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer was asked by co-host Garrett Gonzales about their status to which Meltzer replied, "They're signed. They're absolutely signed."

While Meltzer didn't have details about the length of the deal, he did write the following in last week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

*Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows have either agreed to, or actually have signed, their five-year contracts. Company sources say they are there long-term. But unlike with The Revival where the push with Shane McMahon and the tag belts are an attempt to keep them from going to AEW next year, Anderson & Gallows have reportedly made their decision and are to be focused in the new Club group with Styles. This, and the Styles turn, were said to be written out before Heyman was given power."

Meltzer didn't give financials on WOR, but said, "WWE is making even bigger offers than people think and that was one of them", adding that "everyone knows it was ($500,000) they turned down, so you can do the math from there."

The two joined AJ Styles in a beatdown of Ricochet last Monday on Raw to complete Styles' heel turn and to reunite The Club.