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Goldberg had COVID-19, two weeks notice when getting call for WWE Elimination Chamber

The wrestling legend opened up about his recent Saudi Arabia trip and the short-notice preparation that went into it.


On his weekly CarCast podcast, Bill Goldberg revealed that he was dealing with COVID-19 when he got the short notice call to take on WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at last Saturday's Elimination Chamber in Saudi Arabia.

Goldberg admitted that he was "behind the eight ball" from the start as the fans understood what the outcome of the Reigns match would likely be and that he had a short time to prepare.

He said he had not trained in three months and had COVID-19 when he got the call to go.

"I literally had two weeks in the gym to get ready for this," he said.

He also alluded to a documentary being filmed that will help explain his preparation.

"What people don’t understand, and it will come out in the documentary, is (wrestling) is tough to do as a 20-year-old. It’s even more difficult to do it as a 30-year-old, a 40-year-old and it’s almost impossible (as a) 55-year-old," he said. "’I'm one of the .003 percent of humans on the planet that can pull something like that off."

He joked that he would have liked to do the Reigns match in his 40s instead of doing it at 55. He said his role in coming back for any match was to give back to the business and in this case, make Reigns "look like a million bucks" before heading into his WrestleMania match with Brock Lesnar.

He also opened up about the mental challenge of staying positive when things are working against you like they did ahead of Elimination Chamber.

"In doing (wrestling), it’s very tough mentally to keep yourself in a positive space because you’ve got so many negatives going against you. And then, 90% of fans understand what the storyline is gonna be, so I’m fighting an uphill battle the whole way. But you know, at this point and throughout the years, I have been able to do this on a short schedule," he said.

He added that he tries to do the best job he can and that he hopes fans appreciate the effort in some way despite a much different way that they interact.

"Now these days with social media, things are different. Back in the day, wrestling was extremely interactive. When somebody had a chant, these fans couldn’t wait to get on board with it. Now you got schmucks that wanna be the person that yells during somebody’s chant to completely change the narrative. And then they go on social media and go, ‘Hey, I was that schmuck that did that’ and try to get some adoration. So, it’s a different crowd," he said.

During the podcast, he went into detail about the trip, the travel issues, the light amount of food choices, and a funny he and Lashley buying up all the protein they could before boarding the plane as a large group of wrestlers were coming behind them.