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HBO 'Real Sports' working on Vince McMahon story

The TV journalism institution will once again dive into pro wrestling.

The world of WWE head Vince McMahon will once again be covered by HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

As reported by PWInsider Saturday and discussed on Monday's Wrestling Observer Radio, the long-running sports journalism show will cover the current travails of McMahon given the multiple allegations against him of various hush funds to former female employees, covered in full by the Wall Street Journal.

In their report, PWInsider reported said HBO has "been attempting to reach out to former female employees of the company."

It's unknown when the piece is being targeted for. The show airs monthly year-round.

This is not the first time WWE, McMahon and the pro wrestling industry has been featured on Real Sports.

The most notable feature was in June 2003 when Armen Keteyian did a focused piece on the then-growing amount of early deaths in pro wrestling. Roddy Piper was prominently featured, essentially forecasting his own passing, in addition to McMahon himself. 

In an infamous outburst from the piece, McMahon bristled at the notion he had anything to do with the aforementioned deaths due to drug use and other factors, slapping Keteyian's papers in an angered outburst: