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Jeff Jarrett returning to WWE in backstage role


WWE Hall-of-Famer Jeff Jarrett is returning to the company in a producer role.

The news was first reported today by 1Wrestling and PWInsider, and was also confirmed Monday night by our Dave Meltzer.

A day after returning to a WWE ring as the second entrant in the Royal Rumble, Jarrett was on Raw Monday flanked by WWE SmackDown writer and producer Brian "Road Dogg" James in a segment with Elias. PWInsider reported that Jarrett's role will also be an on-screen one, but Meltzer couldn't confirm.

Jarrett joins former TNA jack of all trades Sonjay Dutt and Shane Helms as producers, the latter of which just re-joined WWE as reported by PWInsider earlier Monday.

It has been a long road back to WWE for the 51-year-old. After leaving the then-WWF controversially in 1999 after a contract dispute of sorts with Vince McMahon, Jarrett joined WCW and remained with the company until McMahon bought them and famously fired Jarrett on Raw. He would eventually co-found TNA Wrestling where he remained (with some gaps in beween) until he sold his remaining shares in 2014.

He later launched Global Force Wrestling, but the company was unable to secure a TV deal. He returned to TNA in 2015 and did an invasion angle of sorts before leaving again and returning again in 2017, eventually leading to a lawsuit between Anthem Sports & Entertainment and Jarrett's company over the usage of the GFW name and logos. As of this writing, the suit has not been settled.

Throughout the latter stages of his long career, he also wrestled in New Japan Pro Wrestling, AAA, and for several independent groups.

Jarrett returned to WWE in February 2018 with his induction into the Hall of Fame.