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John Cena appears on 'The Tonight Show,' comments on WWE future


John Cena briefly addressed his in-ring future with WWE during his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night.

While speaking about his Elbow Grease children's book series, Cena said his in-ring career isn't over despite not being as active as it used to be: "With the Elbow Grease books, I have a very young audience in WWE, a lot of kids, a lot of families. And as my in-ring career's not as active -- it’s not over, but it’s not as active -- I wanted to continue to send messaging to those younger viewers, because so many times, parents will be like, ‘hey, your Never Give Up words have helped my son or daughter.'"

Cena hasn't appeared on WWE television since his cinematic Firefly Fun House match against Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 36 earlier this year. Prior to that, his most recent match was in January 2019.

it was announced this month that, in addition to being in the upcoming The Suicide Squad movie, Cena will play his Peacemaker character in a spinoff television series for HBO Max. Cena will also host and be an executive producer for TBS' revival of the obstacle course series Wipeout.

Clips from Cena's Tonight Show appearance are available to watch below:

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