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HBO Max orders John Cena-led Suicide Squad spinoff TV series

Even before he debuts in the new "The Suicide Squad" movie next year, John Cena has a deal in place to play his character in a TV series ordered by HBO Max.

Deadline reported Wednesday that the DC Universe show will be named after Cena's character ("The Peacemaker"), a show that will be written and mainly directed by James Gunn who is handling the same duties on the movie.

Gunn also wrote and directed the first two Guardians of the Galaxy movies for Marvel which starred former WWE star Dave Bautista.

Scheduled to begin production early next year, the first season will be eight episodes and will explore the origins of the Peacemaker character. Cena is a co-executive producer on the series. The new Squad movie, which also stars Margot Robbie and Idris Elba, is set for release in early-August.

It will be a busy 2020 for the former WWE star as he will appear in the ninth Fast & The Furious movie (currently in post-production) and the reboot of the Wipeout game show for TBS.

His most recent WWE appearance was in the cinematic Firefly Fun House match against Bray Wyatt at April's WrestleMania 36.