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John Cena Peacemaker second season filming now; Andy Kaufman casting set for Vice project

The reason for Cena's lack of involvement in WWE SummerSlam may be explained.
John Cena Peacemaker

In the first segment of Monday's Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez shared some news regarding the second season of John Cena's Peacemaker and the casting of Andy Kaufman for a possible new season of Dark Side of the Ring.

Peacemaker filming

Alvarez reported that the second season of HBO Max's breakout show featuring Cena's Peacemaker character from the DC Universe is being filmed now.

Alvarez opined that is why Cena didn't announce he would be at this month's SummerSlam when he did his special Raw appearance to celebrate his 20 years in the company, rather saying he would return soon.

It's expected the new season will debut in 2023.

Andy Kaufman

On Sunday's Wrestling Observer Radio, Alvarez and Dave Meltzer had a discussion about Dark Side of the Ring and were unsure whether the show would return for a fourth season.

On Monday's WOL, Alvarez said he was not sure if the series is filming now, but he has seen a casting notice for a Vice show that is being directed by Dark Side of the Ring co-creator Jason Eisener. One of the characters they are looking to cast is Andy Kaufman.

The late comedian was involved in a famous 1982 angle in Memphis, Tennessee, with Jerry Lawler. The storyline partially played out on Late Night with David Letterman and Memphis wrestling shows and was part of the 1998 Man on the Moon movie on Kaufman's life.

It's possible the character(s) may be cast for the Dwayne Johnson Seven Bucks Productions series on the territories that Dark Side co-creators Evan Husney and Eisener are working on for Vice. 

No fourth season has officially been announced for the popular series.