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John Cena signs with WME talent agency after 18 years with ICM

Both Cena and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson are now with the same agency.

John Cena continues to be buzzworthy in the world of pop culture. However, this time, it's not for anything related to Peacemaker, Fast & The Furious or even WWE.

Rather, Cena is now represented by a new talent agency in WME after 18 years with ICM -- the same agency that represents Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

It appears the impetus was his longtime agent Dan Baime announcing his departure from ICM Friday after 25 years as he is launching a management company instead. Cena will continue to use Baime as a manager, which is a first for the movie and TV star, as WME will handle everything else.

It's the latest frustration for ICM who is still awaiting approval to merge with CAA -- a process that is being delayed as the U.S. Justice Department is scrutinizing the potential merger

According to industry reports, CAA wanted Cena to stay but it took just a day for him to move to WME.

Baime has helped Cena with his recent successful surge in Hollywood the past few years which includes his run as DC character Peacemaker in both The Suicide Squad and self-titled TV series on HBO Max. The TV series has been renewed for a second season. Cena is also a co-host and executive producer on TBS' Wipeout.

Cena is currently involved with Coyote vs. Acme for Warner Bros. and is expected to be in the next Fast & The Furious movies as well. He also is starring in two Amazon Studios movies -- Officer Exchange and Heads of State -- in addition to the upcoming Argylle movie. Cena is also the voice of Honda ads.

Cena returned to WWE last summer as part of the Summer of Cena angle ahead of his match with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at SummerSlam, working house shows and TV leading up to the pay-per-view.