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Jordan Myles says he quits WWE, reclaims ACH name


Less than a month after he said WWE had racist intentions with a t-shirt design, the now former Jordan Myles announced via Twitter Wednesday night that he is quitting WWE.

Myles (real name Albert Hardie Jr.) said, among other things, that he "would like to announce that I quit f*cking WWE. I am no longer an employee. I refuse to work with racists. I f*cking hate that company and everything they stand for."

He also said to never call him Jordan Myles again, referring to it as a slave name, adding that "it's ACH and don't forget the Super."

As of this writing, WWE has not responded to a request for comment. Other than a brief statement about the t-shirt design in question, they haven't said anything publicly about the conflict or Hardie's status with the company.

The problems began with a t-shirt design Hardie publicly said had racist intentions, calling out Vince McMahon and Paul "HHH" Levesque by name. It later escalated as he shared some now deleted email conversations with a company creative worker that appeared to contradict statements Levesque was said to have made internally about the design.

Stopping short of apologizing, he later said his now-deleted comments toward Jay Lethal and Ring of Honor were disrespectful and that he wanted to talk with Booker T on his podcast about the situation after some comments he made regarding the WWE Hall-of-Famer.

On November 3rd, Hardie tweeted, "If wwe doesn’t reach out to me by tomorrow I’ll make sure my voice and my movement will be heard."

In a recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer wrote, "Hardie had disappeared from WWE in late September. He was on what has been labeled medical leave for something that was not an injury. One person with knowledge of what happened noted that Paul Levesque made the creative decision to go all the way with Jordan Myles, putting him over in the Breakout tournament which had the finals taped on 8/10 for television. This led to a match with NXT champion Adam Cole, taped on 8/15, where the booking concept was for him to come close in a championship match. His last match was 9/21 and he has not been at the Performance Center since his leave."