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Kevin Nash Broken Skull Sessions pulled from WWE Network schedule


In what is becoming a trend regarding previously announced WWE Network programming, the Steve Austin Broken Skull Sessions episode with Kevin Nash that was set to debut Sunday is no longer on the schedule for either Peacock or the Network.

The change was first reported by WWE Network News. As of now, no reason has been given why it was pulled and neither Austin or Nash have commented on what is going on.

WWE Network News noted this is the third time in recent weeks that a previously advertised show has been pulled with virtually no notice. It began in June with WWE Untold: The Nexus and then WWE Icons: Lex Luger which was set to air last weekend.

The Nash episode was set to wrap up nWo Week on the Network commemorating the creation of the WCW faction 25 years ago. The week has featured a Best of the nWo show and X-Pac appearing on The Bump.