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At least four WWE wrestlers COVID-19 positive or recovering


On the post-Raw edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that at least four WWE wrestlers have COVID-19 or are recovering from it. 

That number includes Drew McIntyre, one "big star" who just returned from having it, one wrestler on SmackDown who was scheduled for last Friday and then was taken off the show, and one NXT wrestler.

Meltzer speculated that others will likely be kept away from TV due to contact tracing. He didn't know anyone else on Raw that had it, but noted there was obviously a skeleton crew on Raw last night which necessitated the return of Triple H. He said that he wasn't sure if Kofi Kingston does have a broken jaw as was announced on the show.

Meltzer said McIntyre tested positive on Sunday as part of WWE's precheck measures before TV and that he is experiencing mild symptoms. The belief it that he didn't it have it last Monday during the Legends edition of Raw in which Goldberg challenged him to a match for the Royal Rumble.